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About me

My creative journey started quite early in the 90's with a bunch of C-cassettes, paper and pens. That was the way I loved spending my time as a child. Hours and hours passed while I was totally immersed in the world of colours, lines and images while accompanied by the most wonderful stories. That is the reason why a piece of art always tells me a story.

In terms of studies I´m totally self taught; empowered by the love for creating and the enthusiasm for art. I love what I do and I love what making art teaches me.

Throughout the years I have formed a deep respect for Imagination; which I consider our innate mental capacity to build realities using our mind. I perceive it like a force with unlimited capacity to generate whatever we think of. It is capable to put in motion the most amazing ideas and make them happen.


What we think, exists.

Throughout the creative process my focus is in letting myself create freely and enjoy what the presence of the "unknown" generates in me. That is when the most surprising and interesting things usually happen. My most creative pieces usually appear through a cooperation of my conscious and unconscious mind. When our unconscious capacities are brought to the conscious level and developed with the right tools, interesting things start to happen.

So far I have learned that following unexpected moments  (something we tend to call "mistakes") open doors to amazing possibilities.

I have learned that magic exists and that it is through our minds, words, emotions and actions that make it real.


We are here to share what we love.